Our methodology & approach are based on:

Extensive accumulated experience and long-term relationships with the local capital market, Israeli institutional investors, banks, public market venues and other leading sources of finance in Israel

In-depth analytical abilities and financial modeling methodologies, providing unique insight to ensure optimal capital structures and risk management policies for our clients

Professional know-how of institutional investment matrices and preferences, as well as local credit rating agencies' practice and policies 

Extensive global network in leading international markets

Radhan is a leading Israeli boutique investment banking and corporate finance advisory firm. Our primary services include issuing public and private debt, IPOs, M&A financing, large-scale finance transactions, capital restructuring and credit rating advisory.

Radhan consists of an interdisciplinary expert team of lawyers, accountants and economists, led by Eyal Jedwab and Yuval Barak.

Among our clients are leading companies in the Israeli market, including the Blue Square Group, Jordache, Amcor/Ampa, Paz Oil, Perion, Africa Israel, Amot, Carasso Motors, Eldan, UMI, H. Mer, Fimi Opportunity Fund companies, Fortissimo Capital companies and various public and private American-based clients such as Extell Limited (Gary Barnett), Moinian Group, Southern Properties Capital (Transcontinental Realty Investors) and many more.

As a metaphor for the role we fulfill in mediating between the world of business and the world of finance, we chose the Radhanites, a Jewish medieval clan that served a major role in the trade between the Islamic and Christian worlds at that time. With trading routes from the far east to Spain their role was not just brokerage but in-depth knowledge of the changing needs and tastes of both trading parties. Accordingly, Radhan translates from ancient Persian to 
“He who knows the way”.